San Diego Seascapes

I have been so homesick for, well, ever since I left San Diego! So for our anniversary, Aashish and I decided we would make a trek back down to visit all our favorite old haunts. I was in utter bliss the entire time!


Before leaving San Diego, I knew I would miss the Little Italy farmer's market and Balboa Park, but I never expected just how much I would miss the beaches! As a kid I had spent countless hours rolling in the sand, splashing in the waves, and soaking in the sun. But as I got older I went to the beach less and less. By the time I moved, I didn't even consider the beach in my list of things I would miss. Well, it turns out it is the thing I miss the most.


While I certainly am not far from the ocean up here in the Bay Area, it just isn't the same. Just look at those views! There is nothing in the world that makes me feel so simultaniously significant and insignificant than looking out at the vastness of the ocean. I feel refreshed, wild, invigorated, free.


The best thing about this trip though was that both Aashish and I realized just how much we wanted to come back to San Diego, and not just as a far off "someday we'll return," but hopefully right after I graduate next year.

Well, I hope you enjoy the beautiful ocean views!

Until next time,