I ❤️ NY

I can't believe it has already been so long since I returned home from my trip to Boston and New York! It was really great to get to see Claudia and Laura, my oldest friends. We have all known each other since middle school, so being with them is like being with sisters. It was just the refreshing break I needed to come back ready to tackle finals.

All these photos are of the Manhattan skyline. Quite breathtaking, huh? The first two were from DUMBO Park in Brooklyn. The last one was taken while we were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was such a beautiful little hike! I kept having to stop and remind myself I wasn't dreaming!


Every trip I have had to New York has been much too short. But... while chatting with a few friends who live in New York (and not just New York, but Manhattan), I realized that it would actually be cheaper to live IN Manhattan than it does to live in the East Bay, let alone San Francisco itself! Crazy! But armed with this new information, Aashish and I are seriously contemplating moving to NY soon! It would put me just a short bus ride from Claudia, plus some of Aashish's closest friends live in NY too!


We of course are still considering a few other destinations. We may just stay here in the Bay Area or go back to San Diego. We are also currently considering Boston, since there are tons of biotechs there for Aashish, as well as some amazing universities for me. But for now, I am keeping my fingers crossed for NYC!

Until next time!

P.s. I took a ton of photos on this last trip, so expect a series of blog posts about the trip coming soon!