The Women Who Made New York


I am currently in the middle of reading The Women Who Made New York by Julie Scelfo, and it is too great to wait until I am finished reading it to post about it. I originally picked up the book for two reasons: the cover art is amazing and one of my most favorite women, Iris Apfel, is featured on the back cover. (Seriously though, how awesome is that cover art by Hallie Heald?!)

I decided to start reading the book on July 4th, which was perfect because one of the first women featured, "The Revolutionary," was Margaret Corbin, a woman who actually fought in the Revolutionary War!

There are so many wonderfully inspiring women featured in this book and it really shows just how many women were forgotten in history books about New York, whithout which women our country would not be what it is today.

The Women Who Made New York features so many remarkable women, including Emily Warren Roebling, Ella Baker, Joan Didion (who is actually from California and went to UC Berkeley!), Iris Apfel, Dr. Uma Mysorekar, among others. I highly suggest this book to anyone and everyone, especially those like me, a woman who holds a special place in her heart for New York.

Until next time!