Legion of Honor

This Wednesday Aashish and I had our interview with immigration for his green card. We were both super nervous and I could barely sleep the night before. Thankfully the interview went very well and we decided to grab breakfast in the city and head to the Legion of honor to celebrate.

I seriously cannot believe that I hadn't previously heard about Legion of Honor before! Aashish only discovered it by accident when he took his parents to see Land's End from the opposite direction from where we normally enter. He came home so excited about his discovery and could not wait to take me since he knew I would love it! (I am so lucky to have a husband who genuinely enjoys - and gets excited about - going to museums and art galleries with me!)


While we were there, they were setting up for a new exhibit called "Good Muse" with these sculptures by Sarah Lucas. I loved the pieces we did get to see. They were a tad shocking, but interesting. I really enjoyed the pieces a lot. I came up with names for the two pieces below: (Top) Smoking is for Pussies!, and (Bottom) Smoking is for Assholes! Haha.

I'm a little sad we missed the rest of the exhibit, but Artsy has a gallery of the show which shows more of the pieces. It runs through September 17th if you're interested!


But we actually came to Legion of Honor for the Degas exhibit. The exhibit explores the Impressionist fascination with the French millineries and has paintings from Degas, Cassat, Renior, and others, along with beautiful hats from the era. I will have to share more from that later this week. Stay tuned!

Until next time!