The Met - Part Two

Hello again! Ready for more of my personal Met highlights? I personally am a HUGE fan of van Gogh's work - cheesy, I know. But there really is something hauntingly beautiful to both his art and him as a person. If you don't know much about him or want to learn more, the Vincent van Gogh Gallery is a great resource. They have a translated catalogue of all his letters! Anyways, the Met has a fabulous collection of his works.


Below is the stunning Wheat Field with Cypresses. One of the amazing things about this painting is how well it captures the feeling of Southern France. While I was not able to make it to Saint-Rémy where this painting was done, I did spend a few days in Arles, less than twenty miles away. (Arles is where van Gogh lived prior to his institutionalization, where the famous "ear incident" happened.) I can see why the region inspired so many paintings from van Gogh, as the place is teeming with color and movement.



And below are works by another post-impressionist whose paintings I love, Gauguin. For a short time, he and van Gogh were roommates in Arles. One of the theories for van Gogh's ear incident is that Gauguin accidentally cut it off in a fight the two had. Gauguin is said to have had quite the temper. And while I do not adore him as a person, I do adore his use of color. The paintings below seriously POP in their gallery at The Met.


Well, that is all I have to share from The Met. One last thing! Artsy has a really cool resource on their page where you can see the works of different artists along with the works that they are paired with in museums. You can go here for van Gogh's and here for Gaugin's.

Until next time!