Hello, and welcome to Urbanista! My name is Shayna Brodnick. This blog was born as a space for me to share my favorite books, my favorite art, and stories from my urban life.

For me the best part about urban living is the rich cultural experiences that come along with it! I love that living in a big city means I have access to Spanish and Jewish film festivals, can order Thai food at 3 AM, or have the opportunity see an amazing author speak at my local bookstore. I absolutely adore culture in all forms - art, literature, poetry, film, fashion, food, you name it!

A few fun facts about me.

As a kid I always used to say that if I won the lottery I would go to school forever and travel during the summers. As an adult, I realized that being a professor would actually allow me to do that! I am currently considering different PhD programs and hope to one day be an English professor.

I used to hate Shakespeare until I took a Shakespeare class with Professor Oliver Arnold at UC Berkeley. Now he is my favorite author and I am slowly working my way through all of his plays and sonnets. My favorite Shakespearean character is Ophelia; she is much more intellectually complex than people give her credit for.

During a karaoke battle, I scored 100% singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

My pets are named after my and my husband's heroes within our fields of study. I was an English major and our dog's name is Liam, short for William Shakespeare. Aashish is a scientist, and so our cat is named Marie after Marie Curie.